11-Year-Old Irish Girl Who Got Ronaldo’s Shirt

Cristiano Ronaldo gave a young Irish fan a memorable night when he handed her his match jersey after the World Cup qualifying game.

Young Addison Whelan skipped past a number of security officials before racing to meet her idol who immediately hugged her.

Ronaldo called on the security men to leave her, before the kid pleaded with the star, saying she remains his fan.


A young girl who raced onto the pitch to meet with Cristiano Ronaldo has narrated all that transpired before the five-time Ballon d’Or winner handed her his match shirt, ESPN reports The 11-year-old Addison Whelan will remember the moment forever as she beat security to run and then hugged her idol who, in turn, embraced her.


Addison who is a footballer herself with Shelbourne U-13s disclosed how the Manchester United striker helped her to enjoy the moment.

Ronaldo handed her his shirt immediately after the final whistle blew at The Aviva, and she has narrated how it all went down immediately the match ended.

She told Morning Ireland via SunSport:

Addison Whelan hugs Cristiano Ronaldo’s match-shirt.
Photo: Tim Clayton Source: Getty Images

“I jumped over the barrier because I was in the second row. I jumped over the first row and over the barrier.


“Then I sprinted onto the pitch, but there was security guards running behind me and there was another two coming from the other corner so I just kept sprinting.

“When I saw the other two coming from the other corner I ran more towards the halfway line so then I could swerve around them but then they caught me.

“I was screaming his name as I ran towards him and he heard so he turned around. He said ‘leave her, leave her’ (to the stewards behind her).


“So then I was just calling him over to me and he came over and asked if I was ok.

“I was in tears as I was so in shock and screaming ‘can I have your jersey please, I’m a huge, huge fan’.”

Despite being frustrated all night by the Irish defence, the Portugal captain embraced the little girl who beat the security operatives stationed inside the stadium. Ronaldo, in his disappointment, still showed class in handing her his priceless shirt which Irish keeper Gavin Buzunu had asked for.

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