37 Year Old Adegoke Timothy Oludare ‘Disappears’ After Lodging In Hilton Hotels And Resorts

Timothy and Chief Rahman

37-year-old Timothy was a Chartered accountant and also an MBA student at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He shuttled between Ife and Abuja where he was a Director of Finance.

In Ife, he usually lodge at Hilton Hotels and Resorts owned by Chief Rahman Adegoke Adedoyin – the Maye of Ife, who also owns Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu & Ife City Polytechnic, Ife. On November 5, 2021, Mr Timothy landed in Akure and then travelled to Ife to sit for an exam, he contacted his wife that he had arrived safely in Ife.

Hilton Hotels and Resorts

The following day, his wife tried to reach him but to no avail, his phone reportedly rang throughout the day but he didn’t pick.

The wife contacted relatives and the relatives immediately sent delegates to the examination centre of the OAU to confirm whether their son was in the examination hall. The examination coordinator checked the attendance and they discovered that Timothy did not come to take the exams. The man was declared missing. His family members and the OAU management quickly reported to the police.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that he made a transfer of ₦37,000 into a young lady’s account, the account owner was traced and she happened to be a staff of Hilton Hotels and Resorts. She was arrested and taken to the police headquarters in Osogbo where she confessed to have allocated room 305 to Timothy.

Her confession led to the arrest of 6 other suspects. They later confessed to have killed Timothy, wrapped him with the hotel’s bedsheet and buried him in a shallow grave on the order of their boss, Chief Rahman Adegoke.

Reports have it that the body has been exhumed for autopsy, and the proprietor of the hotel has also been arrested. Sources alleged that visitors have always been missing at the hotel.

On the other hand, a family member has cried out that the hotelier tried to bribe him

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