Hotelier, Adedoyin tried to bribe me—Family Member to missing Adegoke

Missing Timothy (37) and Chief Rahman

More light has been shed on the murder case of Adegoke Timothy Oludare, a 37-year-old who was running a masters’ program at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

Investigative journalist, Oriyomi Hamzat, during a Facebook live, today, 19 November, brought in a family member who gave first-hand information into what actually happened and how the hotelier involved tried to bribe him.

Timothy a father of three children, was a Chartered accountant from Eruwa in Oyo State and he shuttled between Ife and Abuja where he was a Director of Finance.

He would usually lodge at Hilton Hotels and Resorts owned by Chief Rahman Adegoke Adedoyin, the Maye of Ife, who also owns Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu & Ife City Polytechnic, Ife.

According to Mr. Hamzat, following the exposure of the case, there have been various reports similar to it indicting Chief Adedoyin, especially involving the hotel.

However, the people involved in the cases mourned within themselves, because they didn’t know how to go about reporting the case, as he happens to be a very influential person in Ile-Ife.

According to the journalist, there are about five or six similar cases that have happened in the same hotel where Timothy lodged.

Narrating the whole experience, the family member said: ”I am the elder brother of Adegoke Timothy Oluwadamilare, a chartered accountant, doing his masters’ in Ile-Ife who was based in Abuja with his family.

Mother of the murdered Timothy Adegoke. She’s been dejected, sad and in a terrible condition since news of the unfortunate murder of her son broke.

”He came for his masters’ exam, he landed in Akure airport, and he called me before heading down to Ife, after which he lodged at a hotel which is called Hilton Hotels and Resorts in Ile Ife.

”It’s been said that the hotel is owned by Rahman Adegoke Adedoyin. My brother paid to lodge for two nights at the cost of N37,000, at N18,500 per night.

”His wife called him on Friday night, November 5, at about 8 pm to ask about his wellbeing, he told his wife that he was in a hotel and would like to rest for a while so that he could read for his exams taking place the following day. That was the last time she communicated with my brother.

”She called him all through on Saturday to no avail and when she still could not reach him on Sunday, she called his immediate family.”

Mr. Timothy’s elder brother immediately rushed down to Ile Ife and went to report at a police station located at Eduagan, Imoro local government in Ile Ife, where he gave a statement regarding the situation.

He then left Ife for Oshogbo, the capital of Osun state, on Monday to report at another police station where they were directed to the anti-kidnapping department state CID Oshogbo command.

”When we got there, we told them we were searching for a missing person and his number was collected from us, with the promise that it will be tracked, which they actually did.

”After the number was tracked, it was confirmed that indeed he arrived at Akure and from there to Ife. His number was also traced to Ajigbo in Ife.

”by past 12 pm on Monday, when we tried calling again, his number rang but someone else picked up the call, the person claimed to be in Ajigbo and told us where exactly to meet with him to pick up the phone.

”When we asked where he found the phone, he said he found it randomly on the street, when we pushed further he hanged up on us.

”The inspector in charge of the case requested for the National Identity Card of my brother which we could not find but we were able to get the voters card, which the inspector said will not be useful to the case.

”My brother’s wife then called to say that she found a receipt of a hotel that is located in Ile Ife, it happens to be the previous receipt he was issued the last time he came for an exam.

”We also checked his bank account and discovered that he made a transaction of N37,000 on Friday to an individual identified as Adedeji Adesola Tobiloba. The police then requested the bank for the address of the receiver, we then discovered that it was located at Ile Ife too and so we went there.

When they arrived at the hotel, they requested for Adesola who identified herself as a receptionist and attested that she was the one on duty on the said Friday Mr. Timothy arrived in Ile Ife.

She denied knowing anyone with the name Timothy, but stated that truly someone came into the hotel on Friday, wanting to lodge and transferred money to her account, but that the person went outside and said he was coming back and since then she has not seen the individual.

The Police then requested for the hotel’s lodge book and receipt book. While going through the receipt book, it was discovered that a page in the book was missing.

”It was at this point I began to realize that something terrible had happened to my brother,” he said.

The receptionist was later arrested and taken to Oshogbo where she was questioned. It was through the answers she gave that the police were able to go back to Ife to arrest other individuals.

Also on the receptionist’s phone, the actual list that had Mr timothy’s name on it before it was torn was discovered.

It was eventually discovered that sixteen individuals were lodged at the hotel on the said day, and Mr. Timothy’s name happened to appear as the first person on the list and he was allocated room 305.

According to Mr. Timothy’s brother, this was not the first time a case similar to that of his brother will happen in the hotel, as reports have it that his brother’s case was the seventh case.

According to him, individuals get missing within the hotel but because relatives of these individuals are not connected or financially capable, they do not push further.

The elder brother also revealed that Chief Adedoyin sent a lawyer from Ile Ife to Oshogbo to meet with him to bribe him and pervert the investigation process and also arrange a meeting, which he refused.

”Adedoyin sent a lawyer to meet with me in Oshogbo from Ife, I don’t know the name of the lawyer, but I know him if I see him. The lawyer called me ‘my brother come, I want to talk to you.’

”he said my brother what do you think we can do on this matter? Can we have a round table meeting? I asked him are you trying to bribe me?

”I am representing my whole family here and you’re trying to do what?

Eventually, the Commissioner of Police in Oshogbo made an order for the arrest of Chief Adedoyin, the owner of Hilton hotel.

”When we went to arrest Chief Adedoyin in Ife, my brother’s case was the talk of the town, people said that’s how the chief behaves, that he got his money through rituals and his hands are filled with blood, he said.

”When we got to Ile Ife, a staff of the hotel who was arrested, identified simply as Alfa and the manager took us to where my brother was buried.

”He was buried very close to the hotel. He was wrapped with the bedspread of the room he logged in and placed in a carton before he was buried in the bush.

”As I speak here today, Chief Adedoyin is in the custody of the police in Oshogbo. Seven people have been arrested in connection with my brothers’ case.”

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