84 year-old Kenyan man returns home after 47 years disappointed.

84-year-old Kenyan man, Peter Oyuk, got disappointed after returning home and found out that his wives he abandoned 47 years ago have remarried.

According to The Standard, the octogenarian had walked out of his Makale village in Malava, Kakamega county in 1974 at aged 37.


He told his people that he was going in search of greener pastures because he needed to take care of his two wives and five children, although details of where he was heading to and his expected return date were scanty.

Oyuka visited Kakamega in 1983, 1992 and 1996, but never set foot in his home despite being in close proximity to the family. His wives moved on and remarried, after waiting for many years. 

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, Oyuka returned to his village where only a few individuals could recognize him.

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His daughter-in-law was said to have almost raised alarm over fears that he was a stranger who had trespassed into the compound.

In line with the Luhyia customs, a white goat was sacrificed to pacify the ancestors before the prodigal son was allowed back into the house. The returnee was informed that the wives he left behind had long remarried and put memories of him behind them. 

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Speaking with journalists after returning home, Oyuka said though he was grateful that his family had accepted him back, he was disappointed that his wives did not wait for him.

“I wish my wives were here today to welcome me home,” he said. “I wish my two wives well in their marriages. However, I would like them to know that I’m still alive and that they should create time and visit me, he added.

It was gathered that while he was away from home, he ended up in neighbouring Tanzania where he spent 13 years. 

“My Tanzanian lover stopped communicating with me, and is yet to allow me meet our son,” he revealed.

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Oyuka’s return to the home he abandoned started courtesy of a Facebook post made by a Good Samaritan who shared details about the old man and asked for leads to his family.

As luck would have it, his 53-year-old son Aggrey Osanji, whom he abandoned at aged six, saw the post and initiated contact, after which he was brought back home.


Oyuka also revealed that his health has deteriorated and the money he made from onion farming has been spent on medication, that is why he was desperate to find his way back home.

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